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Sunday, April 21, 2013

“Really, Really Like Me” - A children's book about accepting disabilities

Written by Gretchen Leary and illustrated by Dani Bowman, “Really, Really Like Me” is an interactive children's book that helps children to understand the differences and promote a healthy interaction between children with and without disabilities.

 Maybe with this book, children can start teaching adults on how to deal with differences and not to be afraid of them.
Afterall, if it weren't the differences between men and women, you wouldn't be reading this.

 Both Gretchen Leary and Dani (Danielle) Bowman are on the autism spectrum.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Michael Kountouris is the winner of the Worldpress Cartoon 2013

Greek artist Michael Kountouris was awarded the WPC Sintra 2013 Grand Prix during the ceremony that took place yesterday at the Centro Olga Cadaval, Sintra.
He won with his editoril cartoon «EU Rescue Team» published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens.

 Born in Rhodes in 1960, the winner of the World Press Cartoon 2013 has been working as an editorial cartoonist in Greek newspapers since 1985 and has been cooperating with magazines.
Kountouris is also a children's books illustrator and regular member of the Athens Journalists Union since 1993 as well as founding member and secretary of the Greek Cartoonists Association.
During his career, he has been awarded several prizes and honourable mentions.

 First, second and third prizes, were attributed in each category, as well as several honourable mentions.

 In the Caricature category, the winners were: 1st Prize: «Evo Morales», by Pablo Lobato, from Argentina, published in the «Qué Pasa» newspaper from Santiago do Chile; 2nd Prize: «Mandela» by Jarbas Domingos, Brazil, published in «Diario de Pernambuco» newspaper from Recife, Brazil; 3rd Prize: «Messi» by Carbajo, Spain, published in «El Jueves» magazine from Barcelona.

 In the Gag Cartton category, the winners were: 1st Prize: «Low Economy», by Saeed Sadeghi, Iran, published in the «Jam-E-Jam» newspaper, from Tehran; 2nd Prize: «Who is...», by Robert Rousso, France, published in «Barricade», from Paris; 3rd Prize: «Free Warrior», by Raul Zuleta, Colombia, published in «El Mundo de Karry», from Lima, Peru.

 In the Editorial Cartoon category, the winners were: «EU Rescue Team» by Michael Kountouris, Greece, published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens (winner of the World Press Cartoon 2013 Grand Prix); 2nd Prize: «Untitled» by Radulovic Spiro, Serbia, published in «Politika», from Belgrade; 3rd Prize: «USA greatest enemy», by Gregório de Holanda, Brazil, published in the «Diário de Pernambuco» newspaper, from Recife.

The works can be seen at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, from April 13 through June 30, 2013.
A catalogue is also available for purchase.