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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Readers Win Art Materials

The Art Inquirer has achieved a Pagerank of 4 and to celebrate this event one of its readers will win a wooden palette and a set of six brushes.
One chance of winning will be given to each of the following conditions : being a follower, being a reader using Feedblitz and posting an article at one's blog.
Therefore you have up to three chances of being the lucky winner.
If you post an article at your blog, please comment with a link to it.
The draw will take place on June 15.
Shipping is free and worldwide.
This art dedicated blog will continue its quality standards, always aiming to provide its readers with relevant content.

CuratorLab - International Curatorial Program

CuratorLab(60 ECTS-credits) is an international self-adressed curatorial course based upon art research, crafts and design.
Participants are given the possibility to develop an individual or collaborative project while maintaining their academic studies.
Professional feedback and a reasonable budget are provided by CuratorLab.
If necessary,the faculty will provide contacts with art institutions and arrange studio visits. Guest lectures can also be arranged.
Each participant is entitled to a shared office space and access to local research libraries.
The program starts in September 2009 and applications must be received by June 2009.
While there are no scholarships, tuition at Konstfack is free.
For more information upon studying in Sweden and scholarships.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sand Sculptures - FIESA 2009

Considered the major sand sculpting festival in the world, the 7th edition of FIESA (Festival Internacional de Esculturas em Areia, International Festival of Sand Sculptures) runs from May 22nd through October 22nd, from 10h00 to midnight ( from September 22nd to October 22nd, between 10h00 and 21h00).
Taking place in Pêra, Algarve (Portugal), the event gathers 60 sculptors from 14 countries who will transform 35000 tons of sand into wonderful sculptures.
The 50 sculptures, some with 18 meters height, occupy an area of 15000 sqm.
Every year there's a new theme and the chosen one for FIESA 2009 is "Discoveries".
Visitors will be able to enjoy a fascinating journey through time and evolution of mankind, from pre-historic times to modern conquests of science and technology.
Caravels, medieval castles, the Big Ben and Neil Armstrong's landing on the Moon are among some of the works.
There are also tematic spaces dedicated to industrial revolution, robotics, art, medicin and the discovery of fire and the wheel, between others.
During the day, sculptures can be admired in all detail while the night will be animated by live music, theatre and other performing arts.
The festival still includes a ludic space where everyone can show their sculpting skills.
ProSandArt was founded by the turkish sculptor Alper Alagoz in 2002.

Monday, May 18, 2009

International Museum Day 2009

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM/FMAM), together with museums worldwide, celebrate the International Museum Day.
This year's event is on "Museums and Tourism", focusing on aspects such as sustained tourism and how heritage can bring tourists to local communities, providing mutual benefits.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Invisible Car by Sara Watson

In what can be considered a remarkable example of mimetism, Sara Watson, a 22 year old student from the University of Central Lancashire, has made a Skoda Fabia "invisible".
Sara took three weeks to paint the car, making it merge with the surrounding car park.
Photo taken from Autoblog

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grant for Artistic Merit and Financial Need

The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. welcomes apliccations from visual artists (including painters, sculptors and printmakers) with a recognizable artistic merit and presenting a financial need.
Commercial artists, photographers, filmmakers, crafts-makers and other artists whose work is mainly included in these categories, are not eligible.
The Foundation does not fund academic study nor does make grants to students.
Artists wanting to apply will have to submit a cover letter, together with an application and images of current work.
Applications have no deadlines and are accepted throughtout the year.
To know more about how to apply you may read this page about the grant where you will have access to the brochure and application form.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

In many countries, Mother's Day is celebrated in different dates related to historical events.
With no particular preference over other dates, The Art Inquirer celebrates this event by offering the video of the song "É isso aí" (based on The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice), by Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge to its wonderful readers.
Thank you and Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Alternative to Art Forums

With internet being a regular part of our lives, artists seek ways to improve their marketing strategies by visiting websites, reading blogs and becoming members of art related forums.
In what art forums are concerned, one of their features is the possibility of having a signature banner.
They are also a great way to interact with fellow artists, sharing experience and knowledge.
However today we will consider an alternative way to get your art known.
Besides art, there must be other subjects that are of your interest, so what we are talking here is about joining a forum that is not related to art.
This forum will not be saturated with artists trying more or less to achieve the same objectives.
It is wise to chose a forum that will permit you to place a signature banner with links to your art website or blog.
At those forums you will get acquainted with people who although may be art appreciators, or even artists, usually have other priorities in terms of favourite subjects.
Users will be curious about your art related links and it's quite natural that you may receive inquiries about your artwork.
Another advantage is the fact that since most users are not artists, their demanding in terms of technique (don't mistake it with aesthetics) may not be so high, thus eventually resulting in more sales.
As a final but very important consideration, it is peremptory to chose a forum about a subject that you like and have some knowledge about it.
Only this way you will be able to properly interact with the other members and gather the inherent benefits.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7th Painting On The Edge

The 7th open international exhibition of Painting On The Edge, will take place in Vancouver (Canada) from August 18th through September 6th, 2009.
The opening reception and awards ceremony are sheduled for August 20th from 6pm to 8pm at the Federation Gallery.
Worldwide artists working in any media concerning original paintings, drawings and printings are welcomed to enter into this event.
You can access the prospect here to know more about the elegibility and other conditions.
The entry deadline is June 5, 2009 and there will be $8000 in prizes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pastel Guild of Europe Officially Established

The Pastel Guild of Europe was officially established on May 3rd 2009.
Founding members of this society met to discuss relevant issues such as the election of the board and the functions of each member, membership levels and plans for the future.
It is the wish of this society to bring pastelists closer to their fellow artists, promoting events that will permit them to share their experience.
Making the general public aware of the possibilities of this medium is also one of the objectives of the Pastel Guild of Europe.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dali and Lempicka Paintings Stolen

The gouache painting "Adolescence" (1941) by Salvador Dali and the oil painting "La Musicienne" (1929) by Tamara de Lempicka, were stolen from the Scheringa Museum of Realist Art in Spanbroek, Holland .
The theft took place on May 1st when masked gunmen threathened a guard from the museum and got away with the two works of art.
No one got injuried during the assault.
The museum hosts the art collection, comprising more than 500 works, of the dutch banker Dirk Scheringa and his wife Baukje Sheringa.