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Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Alternative to Art Forums

With internet being a regular part of our lives, artists seek ways to improve their marketing strategies by visiting websites, reading blogs and becoming members of art related forums.
In what art forums are concerned, one of their features is the possibility of having a signature banner.
They are also a great way to interact with fellow artists, sharing experience and knowledge.
However today we will consider an alternative way to get your art known.
Besides art, there must be other subjects that are of your interest, so what we are talking here is about joining a forum that is not related to art.
This forum will not be saturated with artists trying more or less to achieve the same objectives.
It is wise to chose a forum that will permit you to place a signature banner with links to your art website or blog.
At those forums you will get acquainted with people who although may be art appreciators, or even artists, usually have other priorities in terms of favourite subjects.
Users will be curious about your art related links and it's quite natural that you may receive inquiries about your artwork.
Another advantage is the fact that since most users are not artists, their demanding in terms of technique (don't mistake it with aesthetics) may not be so high, thus eventually resulting in more sales.
As a final but very important consideration, it is peremptory to chose a forum about a subject that you like and have some knowledge about it.
Only this way you will be able to properly interact with the other members and gather the inherent benefits.
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derekcollins said...

Thanks for your comments on my Blog, I particularly like your pastel coastal scenes.

Sara Winters said...

What a good idea! I am a member of several non art forums and never thought to put links to my blog or Etsy shop on them. It seems so obvious now that you mention it. Thanks for the advice!