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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pastel Guild of Europe Officially Established

The Pastel Guild of Europe was officially established on May 3rd 2009.
Founding members of this society met to discuss relevant issues such as the election of the board and the functions of each member, membership levels and plans for the future.
It is the wish of this society to bring pastelists closer to their fellow artists, promoting events that will permit them to share their experience.
Making the general public aware of the possibilities of this medium is also one of the objectives of the Pastel Guild of Europe.
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1 comment:

*myrarte* said...

Hola José, muchas gracias por visitar mi blog y dejar ese bonito comentario, en cuanto a tu pregunta de si me dedico a la ilustración infantil si alguna vez lo he pensado pero por el momento no lo he intentado, no sabría por donde empezar para ver si a alguien le pudiese interesar mis ilustraciones para un cuento.
Saludos desde España!!!
P.D. te entendí muy bien el español.