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Monday, February 23, 2009

Newly discovered portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

A recently found portrait, thought to be of Leonardo da Vinci, was found by Nicola Barbatelli in a private collection of an aristocratic familiy from Acerenza, a town near Potenza in Basilicata.
The oil on wood portrait measures 60cm x 40cm (23.6in x 17in) and shows a blond haired and blue eyed master in a three quarter profile and wearing a hat.
Signs of a preparatory drawing haven't been found for now, which indicates good artistic skills.
Found on its back, an inscription written in reverse handwriting reading "Pixit mea" leeds to conclude that this can be a self-portrait, moreover Leonardo related with the Segnis, a wealthy florentine family from Acerenza and is known to have offered them one of his drawings.
More exams still have to be made in order to better confirm is this is really a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci.
The painting can be seen at the exhibit "Ancient People of Lucania", starting the 28th of March.
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