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Monday, June 29, 2009

Advertise and Help Scott and Carol Decker

The Art Inquirer took acquaintance of the extremely difficult situation faced by Scott and Carol Decker.
Due to severe complications during and after the labour of her second child, Carol had to be submited to several amputations and later on she lost her sight due to the medication that she needs to take.
Besides all the inherent problems coming from this situation, the couple faces an untanable debt in medical treatments.
Now, as you have noticed, The Art Inquirer uses the Project Wonderful ad system which is based upon a bid system.
Advertising values start at a very low 2 cents per day and you can set the parameters of your bid limit, daily expense and for how long you want to place you ad. There is also the possibility of canceling.
To help this couple, all the revenue from the month of July will be donated to Scott and Carol using the Paypal system, which can also be found on their blog.
This is a great opportunity to advertise your business at a very accessible rate and to help a good cause.
And to thank you for your generosity, the advertiser who contributes most to this cause will gain a free month (at his/her choice) of prime spot advertising placement.
Mind that this blog is read by all ages and therefore I must approve the ads before they start running.
If you wish to know some more about their situation, please watch this video.
Thank you for your interest.
The image is used for illustration purposes and the couple's and their children privacy should be respected.

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1 comment:

TheEclecticElement said...

That is just horrible! But unfortunately, people are seeing more of that with medicine and doctors these days(trust me, I know).
Have they tried to set up a fund online? There are a lot of wonderful people out there who would be willing to help!