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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attract More Customers and Artists to Your Art Supply Store

The business of selling art supplies cannot rely exclusively on selling, a continuous interaction with the customers, namely artists, is important for its success.
Besides offering a good selection of art materials and providing proper information, there are other ways to attract and keep customers.
The Art Inquirer suggests an ongoing event that will return positive results in the short, medium and long terms for both parties: offering artists the opportunity to exhibit their art.
If your art store has enough space, you can randomly select a customer (or more if you wish) with available work for exhibition.
This service should be made known through several media, which can include a board inside the store, leaflets and newsletters, so that those interested may sign up for it.
The selection can be made monthly and the selected artist(s) can exhibit on the next month, as to give time to prepare the exhibition and disclose it to the public.
Artists should not be chosen according to the amount of spending of by any other facts based on their income of financial capabilities.
The Art Inquirer believes that this can result in attracting new customers and keeping the same, while at same time it lends recognition to the business through its support to the arts.
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