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Friday, September 24, 2010

e-flux launches Time Bank platform

Created by Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle, Time/Bank is a trading platform based on the assumption that everyone in the area of culture can contribute for an alternative economy where there is a connection between existing needs and unacknowleged resources.

Modeled after existing time banks, like the Ithaca Hours (NY) founded by Paul Glover in 1991, the Time/Bank platform developed through e-flux will allow individuals to offer, request and pay for services in "Hour Notes."

Earned hours can be saved, transfered or used to contribute towards community projects.
This trading platform, available to users worldwide, can be used from simple things such as requesting someone to buy art materials because your working schedule does not permit you to do so, to more knowledge demanding tasks such as translations or elaborating a portfolio.

With Time/Bank, e-flux expects to create an immaterial currency and a parallel micro-economy for the cultural community worldwide, enabling the deserved recognition of the artistic services and validating them for trade in a marketplace mostly based on commodities.
To open a time bank account at e-flux , you can register here.
Time/Bank currency design: Lawrence Weiner
Photo: Julieta Aranda
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