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Friday, December 31, 2010

Artworks by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein Stolen from Robert Romanoff's Apartment

Robert Romanoff, now president of the New Jersey-based Nebraska Meat Corp., one of the country’s major distributors of smoked meat, that for years owned property in the Meatpacking District, had several works of art stolen from his five-story apartment in Manhatan, New York.

The heist seems to have been perpetrated between 24-28 November, during Romanoff's absence. According to the authorities, the burgler or burglers, who managed to bypass several security measures to get into the five-story building that has only one key-operated elevator and no stairs access to the 3rd floor, drilled a hole through the wall of the hallway.

One of the facts that is preventing authorities from solving this case in a more swiftly manner is that who committed the crime was wise enough to walk out with the surveillance video footage.

The stolen artworks include the oil painting "Live Cat" by Carl Fudege, "Superman" and "The Truck" prints by Andy Warhol, a set of eight signed prints dated from 1986 called "Camouflage", also by Warhol, as well as "Moonscape" and “Thinking Nude", both by Roy Lichenstein.

Besides the works of art, Cartier and Rolex watches, as well as jewelry were stolen, totalizing near $750,000.

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