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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photojournalism 2012 Award Estação Imagem | Mora

Entries are open until March 31, 2012, for the Photojournalism 2012 Award Estação Imagem Mora (Prémio de Fotojornalismo 2012 Estação Imagem Mora).

Established in 2010 through a partnership between Estação Imagem and the City Hall of Mora (Alentejo, Portugal), the Award and aims to convey photojournalim not only as documentary photography, but also as a renowned and valuable form of artistic expression
The 2012 edition will include the following categories: News(NT); Daily Life(VQ); Art and Performance(AE); Environment(AM); Portraits(RT); Sports(DE).

The Photojournalism 2012 Award Estação Imagem Mora is open to photojournalists of Portuguese nationality (including those living abroad), foreign photojornalists living in Portugal, from PALOPs (including resident foreign photojournalists) and from Galiza. PALOP represents the African countries having Portugese as their official language.

If the participant does not own professional credentials, it will be mandatory to indicate where he/she has published previously, the press card elements or of any other document making proof of the professional activity, or the institution or publication where he/she has developed a journalistic project.

The sign up is free and can only be completed by the participant through the forms (Identification and News Report) available at the .

Participants can use one of the many available platforms for sending files (WeTransfer, YouSendIt,…) and send their documents to .
Each image must be sent in JPEG format, with 3500 pixels on its wider side, 300 DPI, 8 bits and RGB (slides and photos on paper are not eligible).
Images may contain a title with the author's name and date on the Caption's description field. Nowhere else in the Caption these elements are permited.
Each work must have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 images and be accompanied by a text of up to 800 characters.

For each entry, it's necessary to fill a News Report Form (Ficha da Reportagem) and an Identification Form (Ficha de Identificação). The file names "_ficha_reportagem.pdf" and "_ficha_identificacao.pdf" should not be changed.
The name of the fold containing the images, the News Report Form and the Identification Form, must start with the sigla corresponding to the category (ex: NTmynewsreport). The fold must be compressed using a .zip or .rar format (ex:
The fold should then be sent using an online file transfer service as mentioned before.
Don't forget to include the e-mail adress where you wish to receive the delivery confirmation (it may take up to 48 hours)
For each work sent, the process will have to be repeated (even if the Identification Form is the same, it will have to be added to each work).
There is no limit for the number of entries.

Entrants attest that they are the sole copyright owners of the photos or have comproved authorization of the rightful copyright owner. They will also assume any consequences eventually succeeded from the publication and exhibition of the photographies. That the images did not suffer any manipulation and addition or subtraction of elements. The manipulation of elements such as framing, balance, density and contrast are allowed.

The author has to make the originals available if requested by the juri, under the penalty of being disqualified and publicly disclosed. He/she must grant a free of charge and royalty free, parcial or total publication of the images in the context of the Award, including its promotion and exhibition.

The juri of the Photojournalism 2012 Award Estação Imagem Mora, will gather from April 12. The awards ceremony and juri conference will take place on April 14 at the auditorium of the City Hall of Mora.

An overall winner will be chosen from the several categories and will be awarded with the ESTAÇÃO IMAGEM MORA prize in the value of €3.500. The overal winner cannot accumulate this prize with the category one from where this winning work was chosen from.

The awards are will be attributed as followed:


At its sole descrition, the juri may grant second and third honourable mentions to each of the 6 categories, however only one award will be granted to each.

The juri will be composed by Emilio Morenatti (head of the juri), Frédérique Babin, Patrick Baz, Marion Duran, Pablo Juliá and Arianna Rinaldo.

The first exhibition resulting from the 1212 edition awards, will be inaugurated on June 16, 2012 at the CPF - Centro Português de Fotografia in the city of Oporto.

ESTAÇÃO IMAGEM MORA will attribute a Grant in the value of €3.500. This Grant is intended to allow a photojournalist to develop a project about the region of Alentejo. The work will then be published in a book and exhibited during next year's awards ceremony.

Applicants to the €3500 Grant must send a fold in .zip or .rar formats containing the following elements:

A description of the project up to 5000 characters, in Portuguese and in English. Do not include your identification on this document.
A portfolio with up to 20 images not related to the project. If you want you can include an up to 800 characters description, in Portuguese and in English, of the portfolio. Do not include your identification on this document.
Curriculum Vitae up to 2000 caracteres in Portuguese and in English.
Identification Form (Ficha de Identificação).

These last two elements will be the only ones where you will mention your identification. Only after the veridict, these will be known by the juri.

If you wish to clarify any doubts concerning your participation, you can contact or

Deadline is March 31, 2012 (GMT).
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