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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festival International du Pastel 2012 (Feytiat)

The commune of Feytiat, located in the Limousin region in west-central France, is once again partnering with the Société des Pastellistes de France to present the 11th edition of one the most important worldwide events dedicated to the pastel art.

Gathering some of the most prestigious professional pastelists, as well as some of the most promissing ones, the Festival International du Pastel shows near 300 artworks every year, created by pastelists from around the world.
Since its start in 2001, the Festival has already been visited by over 100000 people.

During the event, the public will not only be able to appreciate the works of art, but will also have the chance to talk with the artists face to face and find out that they will be happy to share their experience and answer to the questions of those who wish to learn more about this medium.

Continuing the tradition of former editions, demonstrations and workshops will be available for those who wish to improve their skills and learn new approaches to the medium. Intended for every level (some experience is advisable), these workshops will be administered by profesisional artists from the Société des Pastellistes de France.

The 2012 edition of the Festival proposes 3 workshops, covering: Landscape, Still Life, Flowers and Portrait (live model)

From 17 to 20 July 2012

Alain BELLANGER: Still Life
CHRIS: Flowers and Landscape
Sylvain LOISANT: Live Model – Portrait (creativity)

From 14 to 17 August 2012
Lionel ASSELINEAU: Animal Portraits
Nadine ROULLEAUX: Flowers and Still Life
Jacqueline BELLEICHE: Live Model – Portrait
From 28 to 31 August 2012
Jean Claude BAUMIER: Landscape (creating)
Patrick BECHTOLD: Flowers and Still Life
Pénélope MILNER: Live Model– Portrait

To learn more about participating conditons and how to enroll in the workshops, please refer to this page.

The Festival International du Pastel 2012 will take place in the cultural house Georges Brassens (Feytiat) from 30 June to 02 September 2012 (14 h 00 - 19 h 00 on week days and 10 h 00 - 12 h 00 and 14 h 00 - 19 h 00 on weekends and holidays)
Admission to the Festival is free.
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