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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art in The Square Delray Beach 2012

 From 19th to 21st October 2012, the grounds of Old School Square Cultural Arts Center, located in Delray Beach, Florida, will once again host the artwork of contemporay artists from United States.

 In the likeness of previous editions, the 3rd annual Art in The Square Delray Beach art festival aims to enhance the relation between artists and the community. Through this event, RP&G Productions, one of South Florida's premier event planning companies, pretends to benefit local youth art programs and the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, while continuously developing programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation, and appreciation of the visual arts, contributing to the community's revitalization via the arts.

 With the mission of making art an active part of the lives of children in all South Florida communities,  RP&G Productions provides financial support to local community based youth art programs and children charities by allocating a percentage of the proceeds from all its events.

 Art in The Square Delray Beach permits established artists to show their latest works and is an excellent opportunity for new and emerging artists to start gaining recognition from the public and start building their artistic career.

 According to the information at the official website, the applications after June 2 will not be eligible to receive awards by the juri and payments after July 2 will be charged a $20.00 late fee, besides the regular participation fees.

 If you still wish to participate, carefully check all the items that you need to submit. Also don't forget to read all the terms and conditions, as you always should when entering any art contest or festival.
A contact form and a phone number are provided in case you have any doubts.
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Oh, I like this very much,It's beautiful.
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