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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Golden introduces MXR Virtual Paint Mixer

For those who want to try their hand at mixing colours without waisting a single dime or having to clean the palette and a few brushes before getting a reasonable approach to their objective, Golden Artist Colors inc., has recently launched the MXR Virtual Paint Mixer.

 This new and free tool, matched to the characteristics of Golden paints, enables artists to mix paint by choosing the colour, adding it to one of the tubes on the right and then sliding the caps according to the desired mix. Through its numeric system, users can use L*a*b, RGB and CMYK colour systems to reach colour formulations.

 Another interesting and useful characteristic of this new tool, is the chance of being able to choose a colour from the spectrum and have its formula presented or to upload an image, select a colour from it and getting its mixing formula. This last one is quite important because the way we see colours depends on the other colours that surround them and sometimes it's not always easy to separate colours.

 Up to 18 mixtures can be saved per session and users can print the results, send them by email or even share on Facebook.


Nichole said...

Oh awesome!! This is something that I'll definitely use. So glad I found your post.

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