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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Uweza Aid Foundation and the artist Joseph Wanderi together against poverty through art

When the new millenium started, there were hopes that humankind might gain consiousness and the indifference in the world towards those less favoured might fade away.

But in a world rulled by material values, where money plays an important role as never before and people are relegated to second plan, we keep having millions of individuals, especially small children, who keep living in inhumane conditions and don’t have a single opportunity to raise out of that situation.

Fortunately, organizations and people exist that try to fight this status quo. It’s a continuous and difficult fight, but they never give up and keep believing that they can make this world a better place.

The Uweza Aid Foundation (Uweza is the Swahili word for ability and power) is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in the State of Illinois that fights the cycle of poverty that persists in Kenya's Kibera slum, in spite of the resiliency and ingenuity of Kenyans working to better their communities, even without any external assistance.
Through community-based empowerment programs, Uweza nurtures and builds upon the already existing capabilities and resourcefulness of Kenyans.

All its projects are developed and/or run by Kenyans, primarily residents of Kibera who are dedicated to the betterment of their community. Current projects include an after-school program, soccer club, school sponsorships, and a counseling initiative for at-risk and troubled youth.

You can also contribute to their projects and one of the ways of doing so is by investing in art.
Most of us would like to own some works of art, or even start an art collection, but usually don’t know how to start or who to contact.

The paintings of Joseph Wanderi are beautiful and creative one of a kind originals that represent in warm tones, the people's life as well as the wonderful fauna, flora and landscape of the region.
His works can be considered an opportunity for the emerging art collector who values aesthetics above all.

Moreover, African artists are gaining recognition in a global art worl, making it not only an aesthetic acquisition, but as well as a wise one

Half of the sales of each painting will go to the artist and half will go toward funding weekly art classes for Kibera youth.

Should they wish, when at the checkout, the readers of The Art Inquirer can enter the promotional code theartinquirer, which will give them a 10% discount on Wanderi's paintings, supported by the Uweza Aid Foundation.
This promotional code is valid until January 1, 2013. After this date, the discount will be 5% until further notice.

Joseph Wanderi (known to most as "Wanderer") is an art instructor and a well-known Kibera artist who started painting when he was in primary school. He now makes a living by creating artwork and aims to nurture artistic talent in other Kibera youth.

Disclaimer: The originalty and quality of the artworks, as well as their commercialization, is of the responsibility of their author and owner respectively.

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