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Monday, June 9, 2008

Kurt Wenner - A Master Artist and Architect

Kurt Wenner attended the Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design. He then went to Italy to pursue his artistic career, after working for NASA as an illustrator.
Wenner moved to Rome in 1982 where he studied and drew from classical sculpture. He travelled through Europe to see the monuments in loco.

In order to support his studies and travels he worked as a "madonnaro", winning several gold medals and being recognize as a master.
Wenner's works have been commissioned by some world known companies such as Knorr Soup Hampton Inn and Lexus. He has also conducted public lectures at The Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC) and at The National Gallery (Washington DC).

Being a muralist, Wenner has good connexions with the world of architecture and has been commissioned important works based on his capabilitis of offering the viewer a rewarding experience of optical illusions based upon anamorphic perspective.
Besides this, Kurt Wenner is also an architect offering to his customers complex works based in the classical tradition featuring rich details and geometric techniques.
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