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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Papercut Sculptures by Peter Callesen

Born in Denmark, Peter Callesen studied at the Arhus School of Architecture and at the Goldsmiths College (London), to name a part of his educational background.
One cay say that Callesen is mostly known by his paper scultpures, from A4 size papercuts to large scale works and installations. But he does not stick with paper, Callesen also uses MDF, paint and why not, light bulbs.
Many of his works have a common theme, classical fairytales, afterall his from the country of Hans Christian Handersen. Through this, Callesen conveys a union between childwood's fantasies and the reality of adult life.
His work has been exhibited at the Artgenda (Hamburg), Shangai Art Museum (China) and The Museum of Religious Art (Denmark).
He's also featured in public collections and publications.
Callesen is represented at this time by Helene Nyborg Contemporary.
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