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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Pleasure of Investing in Art

With the recent developments in the world's economy, investing securely and wisely is proving to be a more difficult task.
Throughout the centuries, Art has proven to be a relatively reliable investment, namely because it has always been taken in high consideration by most of the people.
Of course that when buying Art, one should take into consideration if the purchase is to fill a personal taste, a pure investment or both. In my opinion, unless one is really well informed and can more or less predict the future, it's better to buy an artwork that one likes, afterall many times a real appreciator spends millions on a painting or sculpture, not with the intention of profiting but to contemplate its beauty.
Most of us cannot reach the famous works seen in auctions, however there are many good artists with great potential who's Art is accessible. The pleasure of buying Art and even possessing a collection is not reserved to the rich, I myself have recently acquired some works which can be seen at this page of my website.
Beautiful Asset Advisors is good resource that can help you decide to enter the exciting world of owning your private collection and here you can read an interesting article.
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intimidades said...

adoro arte



José said...

Olá Paula,

Obrigado por visitares o meu blog e comentares.
É raro receber comentários de Portugal - é possível que até seja o primeiro.
Já agora quando tiveres tempo convido-te a visitar o meu site : .


Marlowa said...

Muito obrigada por sua visita e palavras de estímulo! Uma feliz surpresa!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I agree. Investing in art is a good investment. I also agree that one should invest in something they would be proud to display. Recently i spoke with someone who said she, 'rushed right out to purchase the art of a young artist, because it was such a good investment.' She also said, she really did not like the piece and only purchased it because of the price. She bought it, 'purely as an investment' and it is safely tucked away 'inside her closet'. How very sad. I think she would have been better off to keep looking, until she found the art - or artist- whose works she would have been happy to display. Then, she could have looked upon her investment everyday, with appreciation.