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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saatchi Online TV

The well known Saatchi online gallery, following its trail on continuous improvement and providing more resources to artists and art appreciators, presents us with Saatchi Online TV.
The visitors are abble to assist videos about art openings, interviews, art performances, etc. .
Users are given the possibility to upload their own videos.
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Jas said...

Interesting link. Perhaps you should also mention The Art Newspaper.

And your current ad roster is a bit heavy; please remove all but your essential widgets, ads, and java; your site keeps crashing my browser! (ps: the animated butterfly cursor is lame! :)

José said...

Hi Jas,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for sugesting the link.
I may add it to my "specially picked for you" list.
You know, I often forgot about the butterfly since I don't see it when using my computer (Pentium II).
As for the ads, the loading time depends upon what kind of ads are showing, but I still haven't got complains about the loading time; I admit that the layout might look better without so many ads.
I guess that it may be a script causing your browser to crash, but I've accessed my blog using Firefox and IE with no problems.
I may remove the butterfly, we'll see.

Kind regards,