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Friday, February 19, 2010

ARCO_madrid 2010

Now in its 29th edition, the international contemporary art fair ARCO_madrid 2010, is open to the general public between the 19th (pre-openning was on the 17th) and 21st of February 2010.
In this year's Panorama programme Los Angeles is the invited city, due to its recognised activity in the world of art.
Represented by seventeen galleries, the "Panorama: Los Angeles" is curated by Kris Kuramitsu and Christopher Miles, showcasing some of the best artists and offering visitors a general overview of what is happening in terms of art in this city.
During the weekend, the public will have the chance to view works from famous artists such as the pop artists Ed Ruscha (Omaha, Nebraska, 1935) and Wayne Thiebaud (Mesa, Arizona, 1920).
The paintings of Francis Bacon, who's art has achieved values that surpassed masters like Renoir and Van Gogh, can be appreciated in the galleries Marlborouh and Faggionato Fine Arts (Faggionato represents the heirs of Francis Bacon in UK and Europe).
Seen as one of the most proeminent contemporary art fairs, ARCO_madrid 2010 includes some of the most recognised art galleries in the world,namely: Margo Leavin Gallery, with works by John Baldessari (National City, California, 1931); L.A. Louver, with paintings by David Hockney (Bradford/U.K. 1937), living in L.A. since the 60's; Marlborough, showing the art of Francis Bacon.
One of the showcases is the art of the german painter Georg Baselitz, who's works have been exhibited in the Royal Academy of London and in the Gugghenheim, N.Y.
The artist is represented by the galleries Heinrich Ehrhardt (Spain); Sabine Knust (Germany); Catherine Putman (France); Thaddaeus Ropac (France) and by the specialist in high quality prints The Paragon Press ( U.K.)
Brazil and Latin America are also well represented with artists such as Lygia Clark (Belo Horizonte, 1920-Rio de Janeiro, 1988) and Mira Schendel (Zurich/Switzerland, 1919- São Paulo/Brazil, 1988), both represented by Dan Gallery (S. Paulo, Brazil) and Joaquín Torres-García (Montevideo/Uruguay, 1874-1949), establisher of the Constructive Universalism, represented by three galleries: Oriol Galeria D’Art, Guillermo de Osma and Leandro Navarro.
Most of the works of Joaquín Torres-García were destroyed in a fire that caught the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, while a large exhibition of the artist was being held.
As the hosting country, Spain is also represented with due merit by the artist Dora García (Valladolid, 1965), who's work is exhibited at the stands of Juana de Aizpuru S.L. and ProjectesD, as well as by the artist Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona/ESPAÑA, 1942), who's works of art have been shown in famous places like MOMA, MNCARS and MACBA.
Antoni Muntadas is considered the father of the spanish Net.Art.
From painting to performance, passing through sculpture, digital art, installation and emerging creative expressions, ARCOmadrid_ 2010 includes 221 galleries from 25 countries representing near 3000 artists.
Included are also curated projects from near thirty countries, showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art: Expanded-Box, CinemaLoop, Performing ARCO and Solo Projects.
There will also be a section called ARCO Instituciones, with the objective of making the public familiarized with the work of private and public organizations that actively support art through collecting.
Now in its eight year, the annual Experts Forum is a parallel event that brings together artists, collectors, curators, critics and other art enthusiasts to discuss relevant issues, this year with the noticeable participation of the city of Los Angeles.
Coordinated by the writer George Stolz together with the ARCOmadrid team, and curated by Kris Kuramitsu and Christopher Miles, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Instituto Cervantes, Las Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios and Matadero Madrid, are some of the cultural centres and museums that will be hosting various shows and other art events from Los Angeles.
The general programme, together with other events, makes the ARCOmadrid_2010 International Contemporary Art Fair a must for the art appreciator.
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1 comment:

Ana said...

It was very sad that Torres Garcia's work - if I remember correctly 81 works - was destroyed.
I went to that exhibition and when I read about the fire at the newspapers I could not believe.
They were great!
Sad, sad, sad.
I'm sorry from a Brazilian that lives in Rio de Janeiro.