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Friday, February 26, 2010

TEFAF - Maastricht 2010

From the 12th through the 21st of March, 2010, it will take place in the city of Maastricht (The Netherlands), the TEFAF 2010 (The European Fine Art Fair)
Considered the world's leading art and antiques fair, it will offer visitors the chance to observe and acquire masterpieces (from an estimated 50,000) exhibited by 263 art and antiques dealers from 17 countries.
The exhibited objects are subjected to rigourous checks performed by 26 specialist vetting committees and verified for possible mention in the The Art Loss Register.
A new section named TEFAF on Paper, represented by 19 dealers, will include among other items, antiquarian books and manuscripts, Japanese prints, watercolours and drawings by Old Masters.
During the days of the fair, Maastricht will host a series of shows and cultural events, including classical music and jazz concerts, plays, exhibitions and lectures.
Visitors to the TEFAF - Maastricht 2010 are not allowed to carry cameras, umbrellas, backpacks and large bags.
It is also requested that no art or antiques should be brought for valuation.
Dogs aren't allowed, however assistance or guide dogs carrying an official certificate will be granted access.
Disabled visitors can also choose to be accompanied by another person (the organization cannot provide personal assistance).
According to Mr. Manon van den Beuken (Project Co-ordination), who kindly provided this information, several blind people have visited the fair in the past together with an accompanying visitor.
TEFAF is organized by The European Fine Art Foundation.
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