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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"L'Atelier" - Lucian Freud at the Centre Pompidou

Since the last retrospective, presented by the Centre Pompidou in 1987, the works of Lucian Freud haven't been exhibited in France.
Now the Centre Pompidou pays a tribute to the artist through a remarkable overview of his masterpieces.
Consisted of nearly fifty large-sized paintings, together with a selection of graphic works and photographs of Lucian's studio in London, the exhibition is arranged upon the theme of the artist's studio, a space of the most important influence in the development of Lucian Freud's activity.
Occupying an area of nearly 900m2, "L'atelier" shows the "Large Interiors" (full-size compositions), his series of self-portraits, variations on former masters and the recent portraits of Leigh Bowery and Sue Tilley (Big Sue) who posed as a model for the famous painting "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping", which set a world record for a living artist at Christie's N.Y. for $33.6 million in 2008.
Now at the 88 years of age, Lucian Freud approaches the nude in its most straightforward expression. His works are realistic representations of people, each of them meticulously painted with a unique dedication.
The exhibition runs from March 10 through July 19, 2010, between 11h00 and 21h00 (Thursdays until 11 pm Ticket office closes at 10 pm)
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