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Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Boundless Gallery Has Closed

One of the most well-known online galleries has ceased its activity.
Artists received a communication beforehand, stating that BoundlessGallery (Boundless Gallery LLC) and partner sites would close on the 1st of March, 2010.
According to Peter Gregory, owner and co-founder of BoundlessGallery, the gallery experienced the consequences from the global recession and during the last 18 months it had been losing money, not even getting close to a break-even level.
The business model was built in a way that artists would have to pay a fee in advance to exhibit their works, which may have caused the unsuccess to win more users and to keep the ones they had, afterall paying before making money, especially in difficult times, is something that most artists who sell online are not willing to do.
Although we have seen some records at art auctions in 2009, it seems that the art market in general is still recovering and Peter doesn't see a quick turnound that would take his former business to the heights of 3 years ago.
At this time, BoundlessGallery users can still access their accounts to fulfill outstanding orders or for any other reason.
Orders that were placed before the closing date will be either fulfilled or refunded as soon as possible.
With a BBB Rating of A on a scale from A+ to F and a BBB Accredited business since August 2005, Boundless Gallery LLC ( LLC) was founded in May 2003 and closed its activity in March, 2010.
Use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see how looked in the past (downloading times and results may vary).
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Moonangelnay said...

thats a real shame. so many businesses have suffered in the past year or so. hopefully they'll bounce back with new ideas to revive the gallery :)

john said... is taking on all the Boundless Gallery artists - honoring the agreements they had with BG for no extra $$. Times are tough - gotta keep everyone afloat and working!