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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art 41 Basel 2010 (Switzerland)

Founded in 1970 by gallerists Hilt Balz, Ernst Beyeler and Trudl Bruckner, Art Basel is considered the most prestigious art show worldwide.
Now in its 41st edition, Art Basel 2010 counts with more than 300 galleries from 37 countries showing works by over 2500 artists.
The event includes several art sectors, each one covering a specific subject, with the Art Statements featuring specifically created projects by 26 artists represented by younger galleries worldwide, which is always an opportunity to discover emerging artists of quality; the Art Feature, focusing on the curatorial aspects of the gallerist’s practice, will feature artistic dialogues, solo shows and exceptional art historical material from 20 gallery projects; the Art Unlimited sector, elaborated in collaboration with curator Simon Lamunière, will showcase 56 aspiring works including large-scale works, outsize sculptures, installations, wall paintings, video projections and performances; curated by Martin Schwander, the Art Public sector will take place on Messeplatz, showing 14 art projects in the urban context and encouraging interaction with the general public; finally the Art Parcours will show for three successive nights site-specific artworks and performances throughout Basel, interlocking with the city's history.
The pieces were selected by Jens Hoffmann, Director of the CCA Wattis Institute in San Francisco.
Art Basel 2010 also includes in its program: Art Basel Conversations, staged every morning (June 16 to June 20) with distinguished members of the international art scene, and a daily program which will take place every afternoon in the Art Salon forum with seven to eight artist conversations, book signings, discussion forums, and other presentations.
Curated by Marc Glöde and This Brunner the week-long Art Film program will show films by and about artists during four evenings, each regarding a different theme.
On the weekend of June 18 to June 20, Art Basel Weekend features special activities (solo shows, performances, book signings etc.) from the participating galleries. A variety of panels and presentations geared to art professionals will also be held during the weekend in the context of
Art Basel Conversations and Art Salon. And the museums and institutions in Basel will present a broad range of special events such as guided tours, performances and talks.
Regularly attracting around 60000 visits from people directly or indirectly related to art and with over 99% of the world's leading galleries reapplying forn this year's exhibition, the Art 41 Basel 2010 pledges to continue to be the most prestigious art event on the planet.
A Showguide App for iPad, iPhone and Blackberry, which will permit users to explore the event in 3D among other features, is available for download, as well as an online catalogue.

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luluvillage said...

Do you know if individual artists can apply, or just galleries?
following you now.

José said...

Hi Oksana,

I suppose that usually these kind of art shows permit self-represented artists to show their art.
If so, it's a matter of figuring out the costs and eventual benefits.
They have a contact option on their website.
Thanks for reading The Art Inquirer.

Best regards,