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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art Barter Berlin 2010

After the success of the first edition that took place in London at The Rag Factory last year, Art Barter arrives in Berlin.
Held at the ground floor of the .HBC Project Space in Berlin, Germany, the event will show the works of 25 Berlin based established and emerging artists.
The works are not identified with the author, thus not influencing the public's preference based on a name but only base on the quality of the work and how it engages its viewers.
Each work is given a number and those interested can place their offers on a pin board that will be on display during the show. Those who do not wish to make their offers visible to others, can place them in secure boxes.
Visitors should not bring their goods or services to the show, since they will be contacted if the artist is interested.
In collaboration with .HBC Project Space, Art Barter Berlin 2010 offers the opportunity to art lovers and collectors to acquire works through alternative means to money, while artists can trade their works or services for things such as website design, workshops, studio furniture, etc
The opening evening takes place on the 24th of June 2010 (18h00), featuring DJ Jet Letts and a performance by Gabriel Loebell Herberstein. Drinks will be served by Absolut Vodka between 18h00 and 21h00.
On June 25 (19h00) there will be a special screening of video works in the .HBC cinema (including work by Cyprien Gaillard)
Art Barter Berlin 2010 is open to the public from June 25 through June 27 (Fri/Sat 11h00-20h00, Sun 12h00-21h00) and will feature the following artists: Jonathan Monk, Jason Dodge, Uwe Henneken, Saâdane Afif, John Isaacs, Wolfgang Ganter, Yudi Noor, Stefan Rinck, Isabelle Graeff, John Kleckner, Ilona Kalnoky, Sophie Holstein, Haralampi Oroschakoff, Evgeni Dybsky, Alejandro Moncada, Jeremy Shaw, Clémence Seilles, Charlotte Dualé, Stephan Balleux, Melissa Frost, Sergio Roger, Yukiko Terada, Ludwig Kreutzer, Ricard Ricard, Pete Wheeler, Kate Bellm.
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Amber Rose said...

Aww, wish I was in Berlin!