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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

artbygenève 2011 at Palexpo, Geneva

Taking place at Palexpo, Geneva, the 2011 edition of artbygenève aims to provide an optimal public access and enjoyment, where exhibitors and public have the opportunity to establish relations in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Galleries, artists and protagonists will be able to present themselves and their works to the general public and collectors in an efficient way, while visitors will be provided with specific and relevant information concerning the different trends and disciplines represented in order to help deciding which artworks to acquire.

Counting with 40 galleries, artbygenève will be presented in 4 sections:

artbygalleries: galleries selected for the quality of the artworks they highlight especially galleries that spot tomorrow’s talent.

artbyfoundation: a selection of artists and groups of artists presented by the Visual arts foundation.

artbymedia: special interest press, art publishers, bookstores, organizations.

artbymuseum: area devoted to foundations, museums and institutions.

For the first time at artbygenève, the Art and History Museum Library (Librairie du Musée d'Art et d'Histoire), located inside the Geneva Art and History Museum and founded by Luca Notari in 2002, will unveil a unique and ephemeral collection of more than 500 books, entirely dedicated to art.

Every day the library will organise an open to everyone event, where a meeting between an artist and an author will take place at tea-time (5 pm) in a friendly surrounding.
The presentations will be in French.

Regarded as an opportunity for everyone, especially for emerging artists and emerging art collectors, artbygenève 2011 will run from Friday 29 April through Tuesday 3 May (preview on 28 April) in the halls 4 and 5 of Palexpo-Geneva, at the same time as the 25th International Book and Press Fair: SILP, Geneva (25 Salon International du Livre et de la Presse, Genève).

Admission to the Fair will be free on Friday 29 April.
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