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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Greatest Fakers, Counterfeiters and Art Frauds in the World

Many of us share a secret admiration for those who possess the skill to counterfeit a famous work of art, or even create a painting in the style of a famous old master making most of us, and sometimes even experts, believe that it was created by the old master himself.
The fact that some of them managed to get away with it, at least for a while, ads to that admiration, even if their condemnable acts have caused losses.

Now the readers of The Art Inquirer can satisfy their curiosity upon this subject and learn the names of some of the world's greatest and most famous art fakers such as Piero del Pollaiuolo, Michelangelo Simoni, Paul Désiré Trouillebert, Émile Schuffenecker, Han van Meegeren, and Chang Dai-chien / Zhang Daqian.

Included are also forgers and counterfeiters like Reinhold Vasters, 'Baron' Charles Weisberg, Brigido Lara, Riccardo Riccardi and Alfredo Fioravanti: (The Ricardi family), The Mudlark Forgers, and 'Operation Dealer no Deal'.

A section mentioning frauds and scandals, namely Edouardo Marquis of Valfierno (Mona Lisa art theft), Otto Wacker (Vincent van Gogh art fraud), Ethem Ulge (Fake paintings on ebay), is also provided.

Master copyists such as Gustav Klimt, Peter Paul Reubens, Pieter Brueghel the Younger, and The Posin Brothers also have a dedicated section.

All this information that includes the history of the greatest fakers, counterfeiters and art frauds in the world, has been placed together under a unique resource brought to you by Art with the support of Freemanart Consultancy.
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