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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stolen Rembrandt "The Judgement" Recovered

A 17th century 6x11 inches quill pen and black ink drawing by Rembrandt and sign on its back, was recovered by the authorities in a San Fernando Valley church, about 20 miles from the hotel lobby from which it had been stolen. The church's name wasn't released.
In a statement, officials said that an anonymous tip led officers to "the Judgment," in Encino, Calif.
Nobody is in custody, but the investigations continue.

Included in a Linearis Institute sponsored private exhibit at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey, California, "The Judgement" had been stolen over the weekend between 22:20 and 22:35 local time, while one of the curators was momentarily distracted by someone who seemed interested in buying another piece.
It's not certain if that person was involved but the authorities believe that at least two people participated in the theft.
The drawing was being displayed on an easel or wooden stand and was apparently not secured.

Valued at $250,000, "The Judgement" seems to depict a court scene with a man prostrating himself before a judge.
A Linearis Institute employee attested the authenticity of the recovered drawing.
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Kylie B said...

Oh wow!!! Glad they got it back!