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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gerardo Rueda Modern Art Center in Matosinhos

The Gerardo Rueda Modern Art Center (Centro de Art Moderna Gerardo Rueda) was inaugurated today in the portuguese city of Matosinhos, Oporto district.
Exhibiting near 500 items from the Fundación Gerardo Rueda and others belonging to the heir José Luis Rueda, the permanent collection includes 35 pieces of several art genres completed by Gerardo, of which only 16 are showing, and artworks by Antonio López, Carmen Laffón, Doukopil, Manuel Millares, Miró, Palazuelo, Sempere and Zobel, among others.

The Center results from a three year protocol, renewable for another five, signed between the Fundación Gerardo Rueda and the City Hall of Matosinhos, where the first, besides lending the works of art, commits itself to organize eight temporary exhibitions per year in the Gerardo Rueda Modern Art Center and two exhibitions of portuguese art in Madrid, while the second one grants an annual subvention to the Foundation. Private sponsors are also involved in this project.

The first temporary exhibition will be dedicated to the portuguese artist Noronha da Costa, of whom José Rueda owns 200 works of art. After which will follow one that compares Gerardo Rueda and Viera da Silva and another one with works by Mapplethorpe and Warhol

Located inside the building of the Town Hall of Matosinhos, the Centro de Arte Moderna de Matosinhos is open from Tuesday to Sunday (1 pm - 7 pm) and has an admission price of €3.5.

In the future, the collection will move to the 30,000 sqm building of the former Real Vinícola, much better than the actual 6,000 sqm.
An association of friends of the Center and a Gerardo Rueda prize for the arts and sciences will also be created.
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