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Friday, December 16, 2011

"Portugal Connosco" A photography exhibition through the eyes of postmen

Last spring, near six thousand postmen were given a disposable camera to photograph what they see during the mail distribution.
The project, called "Portugal Connosco" (Portugal With Us), resulted in approximately eighty thousand photos, from which two hundred were selected by a team of curators.

From the most common situation to the most peculiar one, including some humorous ones, this unlosable exibition shows the genuine Portugal through the eyes of those who, in a world where social networks get so much hype, contact with the individual in loco.

The photos of "Portugal Connosco" can be seen in the CTT building located at Rua de São José, in Lisbon, until January 8, 2012. After which, a yearlong itinerant exhibition will take place throughout the country.

A book with the two hundred photos is available in every post office of the CTT (Correios de Portugal).

Photos (from top to bottom): Nelson Paiva; Paulo José Rodrigues; José António Pombo
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Maggie Flatley said...

I would love to see these photos, what a creative idea!

Hello and welcome... said...

Popping over from the Etsy Blog Team!

What a marvelous vehicle...the post delivery team is out and about anyway, why not get them to document their daily travels? Now I wonder how to get in touch with Canada Post to suggest this here too!