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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Na Casa De" photography exhibition

Portrayals of extreme poverty is what at first sight this photography exhibition is about and the images are there to bear witness of it. But beyond that first impression, through his camera the photographer aims to capture more than an image, he wants to capture the essence and the fragile dignity of individuals and families who were placed aside by society and live in degrading conditions.

With the valuable collaboration of the social worker José António Pinto, the Portuguese photojournalist Paulo Pimenta completed a series of photos depicting a reality in the city of Oporto, a reality far from fiction and that people often prefer to ignore.

"Na Casa De" can be visited until February 19, 2012 at FNAC - Gaia Shopping (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal).

The exhibition will then travel to Lisbon.
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