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Sunday, April 15, 2012

ColorADD® - A tool for colour blind individuals

About 8 years ago, Portuguese designer Miguel Neiva started working on a project to improve the life of colour blind individual. His objective was to create a universal and intuitive tool that could be applied to several sectors, including design, industry, education, transports, hospitals, etc.

During the development of his project, Miguel did some exaustive research, contacted several doctors and ran a study with colour blind individuals. He realized that he was dealing with a limitation that wasn't - still isn't - fully understood by society, thus lacking support and causing many embarrasing situations to daltonics.

According to his research, 90% of communication is made through colour; 41.5% of daltonics senses social integration issues; 48.8% has felt embarraced for not choosing the best colour; 37% of colour blind do not know which type of colour blindness they have; among other relevant data.

To help colour blind individuals to surpass their dificulties, Miguel Neiva created ColorADD® COLOR IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM FOR COLOR BLIND PEOPLE, an intuitive and inclusive tool that adds to the concept of colour through the addition of a system of symbols easy to understand, not only by daltonics but by everyone.
A system like this one, not only improves the life of colour blind people, but also enables a better communication between them and those who aren't.

Based on a monochromatic system language (five simple symbols, represent the Primary Colors - Blue (Cyan), Yellow and Red (Magenta), plus Black and White) the ColorADD Code enhances its own logic and allows rapid and easy color identification by colour blind people. Sustained by “the Color Theory” – secondary colours are obtained by mixing / adding two primary colours, and so long, offers a graphic code that is unique, inclusive, universal and transversal to society and markets.

ColorADD® is already been used by several sectors and has gain recognition worldwide. Its author has been invited to seminars about daltonism and has speached at Co-Lab (a social inovation co-laboratory) and at TEDxTalks.

Did you know that 10% of the male population has a specific degree of colorblindness ?
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