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Monday, April 2, 2012

Zach Bodish finds an original Picasso print in Ohio for $14

Would you expect to find an original limited edition Picasso print in a thrift store?
Neither would Zachary Bodish when he entered the Volunteers of America thrift store on Indianola Avenue, Ohio.

The Columbus, Ohio resident had been to the store a couple of times, but wasn't having success in finding anything of interest to him. It was then in one of his visits that something aroused his attention... "I saw the Picasso part, part here that says Picasso, sticking out from behind some other artwork," Bodish told WCMH.

Zach noticed the paint thickness, and paying a closer look he discovered that the linocut print, made for a ceramic exhibition in France in the year of 1958, was numbered 6/100, had "original print, signed proof" written in French and Picasso's signature in faint strokes of red pencil.

After confronting the signature with other Picasso prints, Zach's expectancy became more realistic. A fact that would later be confirmed by the words of Swann Auction Gallery vice president Todd Weyman, "It looks right as rain to me," he said.
According to Weyman, the print could fetch up to $6,000 at auction.

Lucky Zach Bodish, who bought the original Picasso print for $14.14, will probably sell it, since he lost his job two years ago and money is tight.


Doyle & Terri Johnson said...

My luck I'd get a real Picasso but it would be his cousin Paulo Picasso!
I always keep an eye out for "real" art and have found a few lesser known artists work here and there, nothing I ever got paid much for though!

Michael P. said...

Thanks to the Zack Bodish article.. A Picasso Vase Found (760) 366-2927