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Monday, February 4, 2008

Lego Art by Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya is an artist from New York who creates awesome sculptures with LEGO, many of them life-size.
The artist has more than 1.5 million blocks in his studio, which can give us an idea of the complexity of his works, which in many cases also show a great sense of imagination.
Sawaya's art has been touring north american Art museums and his next show will take place at the Stamford Museum in Connecticut, from March the 2nd to August the 18th.
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1 comment:

HawaiiBlog said...

Nathan Sawaya currently has an exhibit at the Pearlridge shopping center in Hawaii and debuted his new piece "Green" which is a sequel to "Blue" that you have a picture of and to "Yellow". It just incredible what he can do with Lego. Drop on by to check out some of his Hawaii sculptures.