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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Capriccio Painting ( in Art genres)

Fantasy paintings depicting architectural ruins and archaeological remains in combination with other elements, sometimes anachronic, grasp our imagination and makes us travel in time and space.
The placement of fictional elements of architecture in unsual settings, resulting in fantastical combinations, gives the name to an art genre: the Capriccio.
Said to be implemented by Sebastiano Ricci, it is his nephew Marco Ricci who perfects the genre.
However the best-known artist must be Giovanni Paolo Pannini.
From the XVII century and taken into the XVIII by Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto), Capriccio finds its followers in the names of artists such as Giambattista Piranesi, Hubert Robert and Richard Wilson.
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Laura-Whateverebay said...

Hi Jose, I have spent sometime reading your post and I can only say that I appreciate that you are sharing your passion for art. Wow, I have not had visit any Museum or Library in search for art since my college days. This is indeed a great place to travel in time and reconnect with the art as we see it.
Great job with your site :)

Morango com leite condensado said...

Olá, José!!!
um Natal cheio de felicidade, de saúde e de paz pra vc...

Um bjo no teu coração.