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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bloggers United for World AIDS Day

The Art Inquirer again takes action supporting the campaigns proposed by Blogcatalog and its users.
On this December the 1st, bloggers are united to support the World AIDS Day in an attempt to make people aware of this global problem.
After many years, people keep thinking that it will only happen to others, disregarding the most basic safety precautions. In many countries, sexual education is still taboo and because of this the age of people infected with HIV has decreased significantly during the last years.
Years ago we would mention the risk groups and although there's still some reason to mention those, it's unwisely to think that one has little chances of getting infected if not included in one of those.
It's also important to educate those who for whatever reasons work in the sex business, namely in not incurring into practices that may leed into infection and many times "forced" by clients.
One last word must go to the differences in temrs treatements and the accessibility between the rich and poor countries and the need to "work around" patents and the huge profits of pharmaceuticals.
To know a bit more and to spread the word, please visit this blog.
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SimplyForties said...

Hopefully we're doing some good with this initiative. At least we're trying!

a.eye said...

Thank you for writing on this important day. Hopefully we reach some people.