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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interview with Mike Carabetta Jr

Mike Carabetta JR. was born in Denver (Colorado) and in 2007 he moved to Wolf River (Wisconsin)
Starting to paint with 10 years old, at the age of 12, Mike won his first art contest, giving him the incentive to keep painting.
With no formal art training, the artist has extensively studied other artists, art books and publications, permitting him
to achieve a recognizable quality through the fact that his paintings are part of several private collections.
This dedication to art has permitted Mike to try several mediums, such as oils, pastels, watercolour and graphite.
Art appreciators and collectors can enjoy a variety of subjects such as portraiture (people and animals), sports, still life and countryside scenery.

Q: You started painting very young, at the age of 10.
Did you keep that passion through all these years or have there been any significant hiatuses?

I’ve painted steadily since childhood. It seemed that I could always find time for art in some way, shape or form It wasn’t until this year (2008) that I was allowed the opportunity to focus solely on my art. I truly hope that I never lose my passion for art.

Q: What themes/subjects first called your attention and have your preferences changed through your artistic career?

Animals have always been intriguing to me. I love painting and drawing them because of their many textures and colors, and also because of the intense feeling portrayed in their eyes. Something deep within them, their constant struggle with survival and life in itself.

Q: Tell us about the choice of your mediums, namely if you prefer to connect a certain medium with a certain subject.

I really love to paint human portraits in oils, animals in pastels and landscapes and still life in both. As far as all types of pencil work, I find it lends itself well to any subject matter. Pastels seem to me, to be made just for the textures of the fur in animals. To be honest, I really like to experiment in all mediums with any subject matter. I’ve yet to try sculpting, but it is a goal of mine to someday chisel a life form out of a piece of stone!

Q: Will you care to share with our readers some aspects of your techniques?

This is where my lack of formal training shows through….
I do what works for me. It takes me longer than most educated artists to get to the final work, and I struggle some times, but I just do what works for me. I’ve had artist friends try and teach me how it’s ‘supposed’ to be done, and try as I might, I always go back to what works for me. Not much help I’m afraid, but I’m just being honest here.

Q: What factors do you find most important for an artist to be able to achieve the quality of your work?

Simply paint or draw what you see and feel. I love detail, and I feel that is an important part of my art, so I use as much detail as possible. Color and light play an important role also. Above all, I try and tell a story with my art.
I’ve heard a saying that goes something like this…. ”See with your eyes, construct with your mind and hands, but paint with your heart.”
I think that kind of sums it all up.

Q: What advice would you like to give to other artists to succeed?

Practice, study any and all art material that you can find, experiment, listen to other artists and always keep an open mind.

Q: When an art collector is interested in buying from you or ordering a commission, what are the procedures and what can be expected ?

Initial contact is usually made through email. For commissions I request as many photos of the subject(s) as possible, one third of the fee as a down payment and enough time for completion without rushing the quality of the work. The client can expect my best work possible. That I take any and all measures to create a piece of art that can be passed down to future generations and knowing that I put my heart into every piece that I create.

Mike's paintings can be seen at his website.
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Lynette said...

I enjoyed your interview with Mike very much!

Dee Dee said...

Great interview I am really impressed with Mike's work!