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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Short Story About Quality

Although the primary reason for doing art is usually the simple joy of doing it, one of the main objectives of most artists is to make money from it.
We all know how difficult it can be to gain visibility and being represented by a gallery, even with some good connexions.
The internet has permited artists to show their artwork to a vast public, but the competition is huge and many times people are reluctant about buying online.
How can you convince the public to buy from you ?
Besides the usual marketing strategies, there is one word that will help you alot : quality.
Your online presence must transmit quality to the viewer, not only in terms of your website or blog, but especially your artwork.
When you are selling online, most of the people visiting your website don't know you and the only thing that will probably make them want to buy your art is its quality.
But let me tell you about something that happened to confirm what you have been reading.
I sign a newsletter of an artist who's work I appreciate and when she posts a new painting on her blog, I get the news about it.
Yesterday I opened the newsletter and saw this painting that I truly enjoyed, it was of great quality and I even thought about acquiring it.
After I clicked the link, a word confirmed the quality of this painting : "SOLD".
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