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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Social Networking for Artists

Over the last couple of years we have seen a constant appearing of social networking websites, permiting users to make themselves noticeable to connect with people sharing similar interests.
However one sometimes thinks to what extent people are finding a right balance between the time that they pass using those websites and the time shared in person with other people.
What The Art Inquirer wants to suggest is to use those social networks to bring people together, namely artists.
Instead of using those websites to only communicate, you can use them to arrange meetings with other artists and develop your artistic skills.
You can look for artists who share similar interests, or different ones if you want to learn new subjects or media, find them by using geographical options (if the network has that option) and so on.
This can work especially well for "plein air" painters or potential ones who have the desire to go paint outside but still didn't find the guts to or someone to go with.Of course that is advisable to have some information about the people that one is going to meet with and going with someone already known is advisable. One should also choose a non isolated spot, unless of course one already knows the person or group.
Working with other artists will enlight your artistic perceptions and develop your skills, besides the positive fact of doing new friendships.
Usually it's not permited to post links on comments, but if you have any ideas about this, are thinking about joining or forming a plein air painting group, or are already part of one, you are welcomed to leave a link.
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