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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

XVI Galeria Aberta - Beja 2009

Resulting from the colaboration between the city council of Beja and the Jorge Vieira Museum, the Galeria Aberta event has brought together artists and public througout the years, with a consistent increase of the number of participants and visitors.
Now on its sixteenth edition and with an aproximate number of three hundred artists and circa five hundred artworks, the opening of the 2009 edition has proven to be a well organized event, result of a dedicated group of people who have put their effort into turning this into a great experience for artists and visitors.
Such fact was noticeable through the judicious distribution of the artworks and a well thoughout catalog.
The Mayor of Beja, Francisco Santos, interacted in a very positive way, showing interest about the event, as well as the artistic director of the museum, Rui Pereira and the other people involved in this project, who's names are too many to mention but are equally important.
As a featured event, this year the Galeria Aberta hosts the works of the rewarded artists from the Contest/Exhibition "Banco dos Artistas da Cidade da Horta" in Azores.
The city council of Horta has been actively participating in cultural partnerships with the Jorge Vieira Museum and was represented by its culture department town-councilor Maria do Céu Brito.
The XVI Galeria Aberta - Beja 2009 is a cultural event without restrictions of style, medium or subject, where artists from several status and countries are invited to express their creativity.
Besides the Jorge Vieira Museum, the other participating venues are the Galeria dos Escudeiros, Galeria Desassossego and Casa da Cultura.
One of the most important moments of the day was the attribution of prizes and honourable mentions, with the winning artists receiving sincere applauses by their coleagues.
A final word must go to a detail that although not a key factor, is the proof that the organizers of this event did their best : the buffet was of very good quality.
The event takes place from September 12th, through October 24th.

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