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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Banksy Did It Again (Guilty or Not ?)

The famous grafitti artist Banksy, who recently had a major exhibition at the Bristol Museum, has supposedly stenciled over a work of 1985 by Robbo who is a reference from the grafitti artists of the 80's.
This act has triggered some controversy among the community and The Art Inquirer wonders about the causes that may be behind this public stunt.
It's not common for an artist to repaint over another artist's work without a plausible reason for it, so maybe in the near future we may update this article with further development.
Illustrating this article are the photos in the following sequence: original work by Robbo; Robbo's work with Banksy's painting over it; Robbo's repaint and modification over Banksy's work.

From left to right: Photo by Citrus Topnote Jr. Photo by TheMammal Photo by Robbo
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L.Holm said...

doesn't seem cricket somehow does it?

Hope you have a great new year!

Sicktastic said...

i dont think banksy would of gone over someones work so seems a bit fishy!
stumbled across your blog & wondered if u could tell me how u did your layout, with 3 coloumns!
i really want my blog layed out like this! gggrrrr!
thanks. cool blog!

José said...


Thank you both for the nice comments.
Lewis, since I'm following you on Twitter, you can send me a direct message with your e-mail, so that I may try to help you.
Meanwhile, if you check my profile, you'll see the My Gourmet Guide blog, which also has three columns.
On top left there's an image that will take you to the blog of the author of that layout.

Best regards,