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Sunday, December 6, 2009

II Colective Exhibition "O Nosso Bairro"

Located at the 15B of the Augusto Gil street, in Lisbon, the bookstore Círculo das Letras presents the second edition of the collective exhibition "O Nosso Bairro".
With the purpose of connecting the people who live or work in the neighbourhood and have art as their main activity or a hobby, this exhibition counts with Fernando Vicent as its main mentor and the indispensable collaboration of those woking at the bookstore.
After last year's successful opening, the same is expected for 2009.
The exhibition takes place from December 16, 2009 (7 pm) through January 6, 2010.
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anA said...

José, obrigada pela informação colocada no meu espaço.

Ana said...

Outra Ana?
Meu avô era Português José. Eu não sabia que você é de Lisboa.
Fico feliz em saber.