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Friday, December 18, 2009

Brooklyn Museum Customized Tours

The Brooklyn Museum gives the possibility to visitors using a cell phone or smartphone with a compatible browser, to customize their gallery tours and share them with other users.
Visitors are also able to create notes that will serve as customized tours and can accessed by others through the Brooklyn Museum website, while the program itself can suggest tours based upon the visitor's preferences.
This interactivity makes possible to share cultural information between people from the same and from different cultures in a friendly way, while through the supplied data, the system is conceived to carry modifications thus growing more intelligent.
Including a vast number of cultures from antiquity to the present, the museum's website contains images and information on more than 11,000 objects.
The costumizable guide is free to all visitors and was developed by Shelley Bernstein, chief of technology, assisted by Jennifer Bantz, manager of interpretive materials, Brooklin Museum.
Paul Beaudoin, programmer, Brooklin Museum, was in charge of the web application.
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