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Monday, January 4, 2010

American Artist Magazine - One Year Subscription Giveaway

The Art Inquirer will offer a one year subscription to the American Artist magazine to one of its advertisers who uses the Project Wonderful advertising system.
During the period running from January 4th through June 30th, 2010, the advertiser who has invested more on this blog will win the free subscription.
This promotion is available to all advertisers worldwide and The Art Inquirer will support the extra postage expenses that are defined by Interweave Press.
Any eventual post service or custom issues are to be solved between the publisher of the magazine and the winner.
If you don't know the ProjectWonderful system, it's quite simple to use and easy on your wallet.
You can advertise on this blog starting as low as one cent per day, independently of views or clicks.
The system is based on a bid system where the advertiser can set several parameters such as: maximum bid, time of the campaign and maximum spending during its time.
There are other options available with which you will get acquainted as you keep using the system, namely the option to cancel your bids.
I will have to approve all ads, which can take a couple of hours.
Now that you know how you can win a free one year subscrition to the American Artist magazine and advertise your website or blog for as little as one cent, what are you waiting for ?
The winner will be announced and notified on July 10th, 2010.
I could wish you good luck, but it's not the case.
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