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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Give an Original Portrait to Your Valentine

The year has just started, but in no time Saint Valentine's Day will be at your door.
Usually the gifts are more or less the same, but what if you offered something special this time ?
Wouldn't you like to give something unique ?
Art is unique, especially when it's original.
People often think that original Art is unreachable for the common citizen, well sometimes it is, but not this time.
The Art Inquirer and the canadian portrait artist Miranda Aschenbrenner have teamed up for a special promotion, because we want you to give to your Valentine a unique gift that will last for many years to come.
From January 8th through January 31st, 2010, the portrait commissions made to Miranda will have a special discount of 10% over the table price.
To benefit from this promotion you only have to refer this post.
Besides this discount, you can benefit from an extra 5% by signing the newsletter of this blog ( the option can be found on the right column ). That's a total discount of 15%.
An original portrait drawing is something that cannot be hasted, in order to guarantee good results, so the sooner your place your order, better are the chances of it being complete before the Saint Valentine's day.

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Valentines Gift Giving said...

What a great idea for a Valentine's Day Gift!