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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let Your Friends And Neighbours Sell Your Art

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There are many many ways of selling art, but it's not simple to convince most of people to buy it. People like to see art and giving the right circumstances they would like to own it, however there is still the thought that art is something inaccessible and only reserved to some.

More than often they think that it might not go well with their decoration, although we know that art should be acquired for its own value and taste, not to go with the decoration.
So, how are we going to convince people that they can own an original work of art ?
It's simple, we are not going to simply tell, we are going to show them.

We know that it's not easy to sell art and artists are always searching for creative ways to convince collectors to buy their artwork, sometimes without the desired success.
One of the things that you may want to try is to place some of your works in the houses of your friends and neighbours at zero cost; I know that you're thinking "I could rent them", but that's another article.
This procedure can bring benefits to both parties.

Your friends and neighbours will seen an improvement in the decoration of their home, they will impress their visits (afterall they "own" a work of art) and they may even earn a comission by giving your contact and if a sale is made.
For you the benefits are also worth mentioning, such as having your art shown in a home environment, thus giving people an idea of how it might look in theirs, you will save space in your place and you can set the value of the percentage that you are willing to pay, instead of the usual 40 to 60 percent charged by galleries.
You won't be conditioned to programs, giving you the chance to arrange the exhibition timing according to your needs.

However before embarking into this, make sure that you have registered files of your works, proving that you own them.
I don't want you to lose a friend or prejudice the good relations that you have with your neighbours, so I'm not going to tell you to ask them to sign a paper.
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