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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Applications are open for 3rd Edition of the INOV-ART internship programme

The 3rd edition of INOV-ART will award 150 scholarships for the completion of international professional internships in the following areas and respective number of vacancies: Architecture and Urbanism (17); Performing Arts (22); Visual Arts (17); Cinema and
Audiovisual (22); Design (17); Writing and Editing (8); Management, Creative Industries and
Marketing (15); New Media (12); Heritage (8); Educational Services (12);

INOV-ART is intended for young people between 18 and 30 years old who have been residing in Portugal for over 1 year by the time they apply, who are unemployed, looking for their first job or for a new job. The candidates must possess proven qualifications in the fields of the arts and culture that they are applying to, attested by a higher education diploma, or a specialised artistic education certificate and proven experience.
Joint applications resulting from a prior agreement established between candidates and placement organisations may be submited.

Internships are expected to last between three and six months, with abroad ones being carried out between July and December 2011. The selected candidates will receive financial support, health insurance during the period of internship abroad (when applicable) and personal accident insurance covering all seminar days, the internship abroad and days spent travelling.

The deadline for applying to the 3rd edition of INOV-ART is April 15, 2011 (at 16:59:59h local time in mainland Portugal).
Candidates should consult the rules and details of the programme and its calendar before submiting their applications.
Instructions to fill the form are available on this page.

INOV-ART is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, fostered, managed and executed by DGArtes and funded by Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional, I.P. with the aim of professionalization and specialization of young people in the fields of the arts and culture through the completion of professional internships at renowned organisations (“professional internship” is understood to mean the development of activities supervised by and internship coordinator which do not focus primarily on academic research, teaching, studying, nor individual projects that are not part of the activity of the placement organisation).
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