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Monday, March 28, 2011

Put Your Art on the map with The Arts Map

Google permits publishers to add their business to their Google Maps and define search parameters such as keywords.

On a similar basis was created a service that intends to make easier to find arts sources and resources on a geographical basis, providing an interface which will benefit artists, galleries, collectors, museums, art schools and services, in short everyone related to art who wishes to connect. When joining the service, users can specify the search terms for their presence within the map, add an image, make the necessary changes in the future, etc.

Because many artists are not gallery represented and only show their work via a website or blog, this service is a tool that can bring more confidence to potential buyers buy stating that the artist has a physical adress; of course that misleading information can be provide by its users, but is up to artists, galleries and collectors to take the usual precautions when doing business.

Created a couple of years ago, The Arts Map is a free (exceptions may apply), straightforward and useful service.
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