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Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Day at The Overland Inn Museum with Live Models in Victorian and Edwardian Clothing

Located in McCutchenville, Ohio, the once McCutchen Inn was built in 1829 by Col. Joseph McCutchen with the purpose of serving as a stagecoach stop on the Harrison Trail, a formerly Indian Trail that extended from the Scioto River at Columbus, Ohio and continued north to Lake Erie, later expanded by General Henry Harrison to accommodate his troops during the War of 1812

After serving as a hotel and an apartment building, the Inn was acquired in a state of deterioration by the Wyandot County Historical Society in 1964.

Three years volunteer work from the community transformed the building into a museum dedicated to stagecoach, where visitors can delight in the quaint structure furnished with antiques donated by residents of Wyandot County and sorrounding ones, as well has having a glimpse of the nineteenth century travel throughout Ohio and America.
To enhance the experience, the reception and bar room where travelers registered to spend the night is still original.

With the financial support from current and former Wyandot County residents, businesses and organizations, including money collected by McCutchenville school children, and help from volunteer workers, The Overland Inn Museum went through a major renovation that started in 2002 and stretched out over a four-year period.

On June 10, 2007, more than 500 people traveled to McCutchenville, Ohio, for the grand reopening of the Inn.

Now thanks to an idea conceived by the museum's curator Janet Engle, The Overland Inn Museum will hold on Saturday, September 24, 2011 (10h00 am - 12h00 pm) a drawing and photography session.

Entitled Art Inn-spiration, it will feature live models dressed in Victorian and Edwardian clothing and still life arrangements from the museum’s collection, all in period surrounding.

Participants will be able to sketch with dry media and photograph as much as they wish.

The vacancies are limited and the registration form must be sent by September 12, 2011.
A small fee of $5 applies.

An exhibition of the works completed by the participants will be held next year at a date yet to announce.

The Overland Inn Museum boasts an impressive collection of textiles, including weavings, embroideries, laces, and quilts from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
It also provides workshops that offer its visitors the chance to travel to the pass and experience the American culture and life of their ancesters.

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