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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flash:Light by Nuit Blanche New York. Today on Mulberry Street and Bowery

Part of the Festival of Ideas for the New City, occurring between the 4th and the 8th of May, the art event Flash:Light presented by Nuit Blanche New York, will feature a series of artistic projects on Mulberry Street, NY, today May 7 at 8pm.

The façade of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral will be the canvas for a 3D mapped projection entitled "Equation of Time" conceived and supervised by multi-media artist Jeff Grantz .
Sponsored by Audemars Piguet, it will show an animated larger-than-life transparent time piece replicating Audemars Piguet Signature movements.

The premiere of Civilization in 3D, a groundbreaking video installation by Marco Brambilla, will be projected above the alter inside of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Civilization by Marco Brambilla from CRUSH on Vimeo

Originally commissioned by the Standard Hotel in New York, Civilization presents a boldly reinterpreted tableau of Dante’s Divine Comedy echoing stained glass window imagery.

During the Midnight Organ Program in the cathedral, Rashaad Newsome will perform "Herald", the second of Newsome’s four-part series in which the artist pursues the status of King of Arms, then conducting a haunting musical performance, juxtaposing hip-hop culture with religious space and featuring the church’s choir and organ, while a video collage is projected overhead.

Contemporary composers Aaron Siegel, Mudboy and Matt Marble will perform their work live until 3:00 a.m. on one of the only remaining full pipe organs in New York City, while Pilottone will present a performance and intervention.

The Let Us Make Cake projection-mapped footage on the 174-foot façade of the New Museum (235 Bowery), resulting from a collaboration between Nuit Blanche New York and Light Harvest Studios, will show scale models of the New Museum ranging in size from 11 inches to 11 feet by dozen emerging and established artists. Let Us Make Cake will run on a 20-minute loop from 8:00pm Saturday night to 2:00am Sunday morning.

Flash:Light is co-produced by Jeff Grantz of Materials & Methods and curated by Anna Muessig. The other names are: Ethan Vogt – Managing Director; Ken Farmer – Creative Director; Tom Peyton – Director of Operations; Pepin Gelardi – Director of Design; Katrina Albright and Ryan Beaucher - Production Coordinators; Natasha Jen - Nuit Blanche New York Identity; Jeff Sisson - Website Design.

The site map and the project locations can be consulted on this link.

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