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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vessel International Curatorial Workshop 2011

Vessel, an independenent non-profit space inaugurated on April 14 and devoted to contemporary art, has announced an International Curatorial Workshop that will offer the opportunity to 14 young curators from around the world to work with internationally renowned curators, dealing with many challenging issues of theoretical and practical aspects of curatorial research.

Participants will be divided in groups and will work with different curators from Committee and with the staff to build particular projects on case studies.
The core of these case studies will be comprised of varying exercises dealing with secondary material concerning the curatorial practice in relation to the overarching exhibition made in a certain geographical area.

The course aims to raise awareness and reflect about the role of the curator, as well as promoting research projects in the filed of contemporary visual culture.
Other objectives include setting up working platforms that will enable participants to develop further curatorial works and expand the networking between young creators of the visual art scene, thus stimulating the international circulation of cultural projects.

Among several subjects, the 3-day intensive workshop will focus on the influence that the state of the world and social relations have in art and how the curator can use art to interact with society, emphasizing on the evolution of curating as a profession and its essential role in social and cultural redefinition.

The Vessel International Curatorial Workshop will take place between the 28th and 30th of May, 2011, and will be held by the Scientific Committee of Vessel composed of Charles Esche, Ilaria Gianni, Cecilia Guida, Denis Isaia, Viktor Misiano, Marco Petroni, Roberto Pinto along with the curators of the space Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro.

Interested applicants from any nationality may apply. No study certificate and academic degree required. The workshop will be delivered in English, for this reason at least an intermediate level of English is required.

Applications whould be sent by e-mail until May 15, 2011.
There's a €300 participating fee to cover all the expenses for meals and residency including a double-bed hotel room.

Make sure that you read the rest of the submission guidelines before submiting your application.

Vessel is located at Via Guido De Ruggiero n. 6, Bari.
Bari is the capital city of the province of Bari and Apulia (Puglia), Italy.
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